The Company

We are riders too – We enjoy the freedom of the open road, but not the dangers that sometimes come with it.

From our inner city suburb of Sydney Australia, we have front row seats to witness the rapid growth of two-wheeled transport—both motorcycling and bicycling—in Australia. We have seen the roads become a much more dangerous place for riders due to increasing traffic congestion.

We are dedicated to designing innovative products that will save lives.

We sell directly to our customers because we believe in a one-to-one relationship with each of you. You are not just a customer, we want our products to give you a lifetime of safety.

The Idea

The idea of Road Sack – was born out of a desire to protect riders by preventing accidents from happening in the first place.

Road Sack is the fruit from months of research, planning, design and engineering. Our product takes protective rider equipment into the offensive, we consider it preventive rider equipment.

Road Sack is designed by an industrial designer and engineered by manufacturing engineers. We didn’t simply re-badge a computer backpack!

It’s not just a brightly coloured backpack, it’s also designed to provide:


  • ergonomic comfort
  • even load distribution
  • ruggedness to take daily abuse
  • built-in features that provide protection in case of a fall.
Don't Just Take Our Word for It

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To Sum Up

With features that prevent accidents and engineering that protects, it is a must have rider equipment. We wear it when we ride, you should too.


Road Sack

  • e: roadsack@gmail.com
  • p: 0433 110 388 (Eric)

Road Sack is a registered trademark.

ABN: 46 407 739 964