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Thinking about buying

Is the backpack in stock?

Yes, the Road Sack is in stock and ready for shipping locally and internationally.

I already use a backpack, why buy a Road Sack?

Consider the additional safety functions.

  • High visibility, high contrast design.
  • HDPE back insert.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • And Independent Shoulder Straps system.

The Road Sack is designed specifically for riders and commuters to keep you safe from accidents.

Is it only for motorcyclists?

The backpack would be just as useful if you ride a bicycle, skate board, rollerblade, on road and off road.

How heavy is it?

It is 1.4 kg Net.

The weight comes from the quality material and parts used, making it durable and able to take the abuse of daily commuting.

Why yellow (and not orange?)

We found the Fluorescent Yellow to be most commonly associated with high visibility and safety, often found on safety vests. It is chosen because the colour stands out in traffic more than any other colour

Buying online

Is it safe?

We’ve made the purchase experience as safe as anyone possibly can. They include

  • Third Party Biller (Paypal).
  • Paypal is the world’s largest online transaction provider.
  • All pages of the checkout process are encrypted with 128-bit secure connection.
  • No Credit card details are kept by Road Sack, in fact we don’t see them at all.
  • Your personal details are only used to ship your order, they are not shared with anyone else.

We are a paypal verified business, which means we’ve provided financial account details to Paypal to prove existence of real-world business.

What happens after I place an order?

You will

  1. Receive an unique transaction (receipt) number and a payment made confirmation email from Paypal.
  2. We will receive notice from paypal that a payment has been made and your shipping details.
  3. Once your order is shipped (99% within 24 hours) a tracking number is emailed back to you as proof of shipping.

We are a paypal verified business, which means we’ve provided financial account details to Paypal to prove existence of real-world business.


What's the capacity / How much can it carry?

The size of the backpack is based on what can be comfortably carried on a rider’s back.

Rather than giving you a ‘x’ Litre capacity (it’s not like it translates to real work volume), it can easily accommodate simultaneously

  • A laptop computer (up to 15 inch)
  • A pair of running shoes
  • A change of t-shirt+shorts
  • A lunch box
  • As well as everyday items like wallet, phone and keys.
How water proof is it?

The design includes nylon lining for both compartments to prevent water soaking through.

Zipper has a water/dust proof hood and the back is separated by a HDPE insert. So even if the exterior is soaked, the contents will stay dry. It’s as water proof as can be, reaching a balance between comfort, safety and weather protection.

What accessories are available?

We are developing ways to mount a bicycle light and water bladder.

Does it come with a water bladder?

The Road Sack does not come with a water bladder, however our team have developed a way to install an aftermarket bladder.

Can I mount a bicycle light?

Yes, We developed a mod that can be easily performed to allow a clip-on bicycle light.

Already own one

The backpack is really stiff

The HDPE back insert will take a couple of weeks to mould to your riding position.

With use, it will become more flexible and more comfortable.

How to care for the backpack

The fluorescent panels does not need any special chemicals. Any spot dirt should be wiped away with a damp cloth. Washing of backpack can be done with instructions included in the user’s manual.

The waist strap is too short for me

If you have found the waist strap being too short for you, please contact us directly.

The zipper is catching the weather strip

There are a couple of ways to avoid this.

  1. Keep a finger between the zipper and the strip of fabric whenever you run the zipper along the teeth.
  2. Fold up the strip of fabric when opening/closing the zipper.
  3. More of a last resort, one customer has told us he cut the weather strip off. 😡
The zipper is difficult to operate

Most likely caused by lack of lubricant between the teeth. Run a waxy candle along the teeth and open/close it several times to work the wax between the teeth. This should make the zipper work more smoothly.

Separating / damaged zipper

The plastic teeth can become damaged or bent if used with force, leading to the zipper teeth to not mesh smoothly and two sides seperate. Unfixed it can then lead to mis-aligned teeth, and one zipper will cause the other to unzip as the mis-aligned teeth opens up the already zipped section.

Solution is to retire one zipper. Open up the zipper fully (on end of opposite sides by force if you have to), then only use one zipper to open/close the backpack. If it still splits open, switch and use the other one.